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Summer Term Clubs

Club Year Group Run by Day Time Place Start date Finish date
Morning Club – £2.50 per morning paid in advance or on day All Stevenage FC Mon-Fri 8.00-8.45am Enter via Hall 23rd April 19th July
Art - £12 fee (not available to those from Autumn & Spring term) All Mrs Thomas Monday 3.20-4.15 Craft Room 29th April 1st July
Year 4 Choir 4 Miss Rolfe Monday 12:30-1:00 5R 29th April 1st July
Gymnastics club with tumble track - £40 fee All Rising Stars Tuesday 3:20-4:30 Hall 30th April 9th July
Netball Club                        NO CLUB 4TH JUNE AND 25TH JUNE 4/5 Mr Willard/ Mrs Ferguson Tuesday 3:20-4:30



14th May 9th July
Homework Club 3/4 Mrs Willans Wednesday 12:30-1:10 Hub Ongoing
Tennis Club - £41 fee NO CLUB 19TH JUNE All Letchworth Tennis Club Wednesday 12:15-1:00 Hall 1st May 10th July

Boys Cricket Club


5/6 Mr Willard Wednesday 3:20-4:30 Field 1st May 3rd July
Tri Golf Club £15 fee 3/4 Chesfield Downs Gold Club Wednesday 3:20-4:30 Field 8th May 26th June
Chess Club All Mrs Willans Wednesday 3:20-4:15 LAB 1st May 3rd July
Homework Club 5/6 Mrs Willans Thursday 12:30-1:10 Hub Ongoing
HADC Football Club £20 fee MUST HAVE SHIN PADS AND WATER BOTTLE        NO CLUB 6TH JUNE, 20TH JUNE All Jeff Hutchinson Thursday 3.20-4.20 Field 2nd May 11th July
Girls Cricket Club              NO CLUB 16TH MAY,6TH JUNE, 20TH JUNE, 27TH JUNE 5/6 Mr Willard Thursday 3:20-4:30 Field 2nd May 4th July
Just Dance Boys and Girls All Mr Willard Friday 12.15-1.00 Hall 3rd May 5th July
Dodge Ball club -£25 fee 5/6 Mr King Friday 3:20-4:30 Hall 3rd May 5th July
Summer Sports - £25 fee 3/4 Stevenage FC Friday 3:20-4:30 Field 3rd May 5th July

School Choir

Same children from Spring Term

5/6 Miss Rolfe Wednesday 3:20-4:15 5R 1st May 3rd July

Please note that the GREENsection is only for invite only members. All clubs have limited spaces, and you will be informed of the clubs your child will be attending. If your child currently has access to Free School Meals and would like to participate in a fee paying club, please talk to the school office who will be able to assist you in the payment.

Please turn over for all details and advice on all clubs

Download this file (Summer Term Clubs 2019.pdf)Summer Term Clubs 2019.pdf[ ]587 kB

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