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The Pixmore Governing Body

School governing bodies are responsible for working with the school to ensure that it delivers a good quality education. Together with the head teacher, who is responsible for day-to-day management, they set the school's aims and policies. Governors have three main roles:

  • To provide strategic direction for the school
  • To act as a critical friend to the head teacher
  • To ensure accountability

Pixmore is a community school and its current Instrument of Government (made by order of HCC) came into effect on 24th April 2015. The school Governing Body (GB) is made up of 11 governors, as follows:

  • 2 parent governors
  • 1 Local Authority governor
  • 1 staff governor
  • 1 head teacher
  • 6 co-opted governors

The staff governor is Sue Willans, SENCo. Carol Haynes, Teaching Assistant is a co-opted Governor and member of staff. Sarah Inman, the Deputy Headteacher attends all governing body meetings as an observer.

All governors are appointed for a term of four years. There is no maximum term of office so governors can be reappointed. However, to be elected as a parent governor, you need to be a parent or carer of a child attending Pixmore at the time of your appointment. All governors are appointed ‘link’ roles, whereby they work more closely with the school / subject leaders to ensure that as a group we have a in-depth understanding of what is happening and planned in school life.

We also appoint associate governors to help us. These governors participate fully in our work, but are not eligible to vote if the need arises. Associate governors are very important because our GB is small in number, so they help to share our workload, and provide continuity for the future. Also, if a full governor leaves, we already have someone ready to take over. Associate governors sometimes also have an area of expertise that can help us, and/or may not be able to commit the same amount of time as a full governor.

The current non-staff governors have introduced themselves below:

Name Type of Governor (appointed by)

Roles & responsibilities

Term of office Relevant business interests
Tina Dickens Co-Opted Governor (Governing Body GB)

Chair of the Governing Body

Standards and Outcomes Committee

Ofsted, Strategy and SLT liaison link governor

Safeguarding deputy linked governor


I became a Governor in May 2012. I have a daughter who started Pixmore in September 2017, following in the footsteps of her brother who is now at secondary school. I run my own business providing training and coaching services to technology companies and local public sector organisations; I am also a visiting lecturer in coaching and hold an adult teacher training qualification.

Kath West Local Authority Governor (Local Authority)

Vice Chair of Governing Body

Chair, Standards and Outcomes Committee

Safeguarding, Pupil Premium, CLA and SEND (Vulnerable Groups) link Governor

10/11/15 – 9/11/19  

I have two sons, the oldest is now an adult and the youngest has just gone to University; both attended Pixmore and enjoyed their time here.  I joined the governing body, having previously spent 4 years on the committee of the Pixmore School Association.  I trained as a Medical Secretary and worked for Adult Care Services, but had to stop work for health reasons.  I joined the governing body because I wanted to support the school, and also to do something useful now that I no longer work.

Ian Hamilton Co-Opted Governor (GB)

Vice Chair, Resources Committee

ICT and Science link governor

GDPR Governor

28/11/15 – 27/11/19  

I joined the Pixmore Governing Body in November 2011 as a Parent Governor when my son was at the school. I decided to become a school governor as I wanted to contribute something to the school as they did a lot for my son. I am a software engineer, with my own consultancy business. I have experience of people and project management, budgets and book keeping, all useful skills for a school governor.

Lee Sheldon Parent Governor (Parents)

Chair, Resources Committee

Maths and PE & Sports Premium link governor

28/11/15 – 27/11/19  

I joined the governing body at the end of 2011. I have three children that will be coming through the school, the eldest having started in Sep 2013. My background is in providing consultancy to banks and in my spare time I like to escape to the countryside, walking, cycling, camping - that kind of thing.

Catherine Dock Parent Governor (Parents)

Vice Chair, Standards and Outcomes Committee

Arts, humanities & music and governor training link governor

I am married to Rory, and we have two daughters, one who has just gone up to secondary school and another currently in year 5. I am an IT programme manager for a European commercial bank, where I’ve worked for the past nine years. Aside from spending time with my family, my interests (when I get a chance) include movies, crafts, reading, sport – football (Arsenal), rugby (Saracens) and cricket (Middlesex/Eng) especially. This is my second tenure as a Pixmore governor, having been previously an LEA governor from 2008-2011. It’s great to be involved again at such an exciting time for Pixmore’s development!
Matti Keltanen Co-Opted Governor (GB)

Resources Committee

Academisation and data link governor

1/9/16 – 31/8/20  

I joined the Governing Body in 2016. With one child starting at Pixmore and a smaller one likely to follow in her footsteps a few years later, I wanted to get to know the school better and see if I could find a way to contribute. In my working life I provide consultancy to companies and the government, helping to shape their digital strategies – particularly in the design of services.

Marian Adams Co-Opted Governor (GB)

Resources Committee

Health & Safety, Health & Wellbeing and community link governor

1/9/16 – 31/8/20  

I have recently retired as the Finance Director for the UK office of an international healthcare charity and have rejoined the Pixmore GB.  I was a governor at Pixmore (for the second time) until July 2013 when my then work commitments meant I did not have the time to carry on.  In fact, I was Chair of the Governing Body when Mrs Evans was appointed head teacher!  My daughter, who is now in her early 30s, attended Pixmore which was when my involvement with the school first started.  Now that I am no longer working, I have the time to continue my interest in education and to make use of the professional skills I have acquired during my working life in other ways.  I am very happy to be involved again with Pixmore.

Caroline Nicholson Co-Opted Governor (GB)

Standards and Outcomes Committee

English link governor

PSHE & Sex Education Link Governor

1/12/17 – 31/11/21  
Simon Franklin Associate Governor (GB)

Resources committee

Health & Safety and Website Link Governor

30/11/17 – 30/11/21  
I became an Associate Governor in November 2017.  I have a daughter who started at Pixmore in September 2017. I have an older daughter at secondary school, and a son about to take A Levels.  I have a Physics degree and post-graduate qualifications in management and health and safety.  I currently work in an engineering and project management business specialising in nuclear power, where I manage the work we do to support building new nuclear power stations for one of our clients.  In the past, I have developed and delivered training courses and lectured undergraduates at Imperial College London.  I joined the Governing Body to provide something back to our school at a time when teachers and schools are under ever increasing pressures.  I welcome the chance to engage more with the school and with other parents.
Deborah Onbashi Associate Governor (GB)

Resources Committee

Modern Foreign Languages and Pupil Premium Link Governor

1/3/18 – 28/2/22  
Tamsyn Gillan  

SOC Committee

Comms and PR link governor

1/3/18 – 28/2/22  
Stephanie Coulter

Co-Opted Governor (GB)

(Resigned 2017)

Ali Bull Associate Governor (Resigned June 2017)   26/2/16 – 20/6/17  
Amanda Thurman

Co-Opted Governor (GB)

(Resigned Nov 2017)

  1/9/16 – 31/8/20  

The governors meet once every half term (except Spring Term, when we only meet once), as do the two committees, the Resources Committee and the Standards and Outcomes Committee.

  • The Resources Committee is responsible for all matters relating to finances, staffing, premises and other resources.
  • The Standards and Outcomes Committee is responsible for all matters relating to the curriculum including monitoring and evaluation, quality of teaching and pupil achievement and pupil welfare, behaviour, special educational needs and attendance.

Minutes of all meetings are available by request to the School Office. Occasionally additional meetings are required, for example when the Resources Committee is considering the school budget.

We meet on Monday evenings at 7pm, except in November when we meet at 1pm in order to meet the current years’ school councillors. The dates of the GB meetings for the current school year are:

  • 11/09/2017
  • 27/11/2017
  • 12/03/2018
  • 21/05/2018
  • 9/07/2018

The school office can advise dates for the committee meetings.

For more information or to find out about joining the GB, the Governors can be contacted via the School Office or we can be emailed on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please see our regular newsletters for recent Governor news and information.

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