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At Pixmore School we take the views of parents and carers seriously and aim to work in partnership with you to support your child’s learning and well-being.

In October 2017 we invited you to complete a questionnaire to help us to see what we are doing well, and what we need to do better. The results from the 57 completed questionnaires are given below.

We have followed up on any issues raised by parents. Please come into school and talk to us if you have any concerns. Details of our concerns and complaints procedures are provided below.


Please take time to complete the online Oftsed questionnaire by following the link below. If you have any difficulties accessing the site, please come into school and we will be pleased to help you.


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Please tick Yes Partly No

My child feels safe at school

95% 5% 0%

The school has a clear understanding of my child’s needs

98% 2% 0%

The school keeps me informed about my child’s progress

95% 5% 0%

I am given information about what my child is learning

87% 13% 0%

I have a clear idea about what my child needs to do to move on in their learning

84% 14% 2%

Teachers give me advice and tasks to help my child at home

84% 13% 3%

Teachers and other staff working with my children listen to my concerns

95% 5% 0%

I am pleased with the progress my child is making

95% 5% 0%

My child is happy at school

95% 5% 0%

My child has friends/peer support in school

98% 2% 0%

I know the staff who support my child in school

76% 24% 0%

I know how support staff help my child with their learning

75% 25% 0%

I am happy with the help my child receives

95% 5% 0%

I am involved in reviewing my child’s needs

84% 14% 2%

My child is involved in reviewing his/her own needs

76% 22% 2%

The school is well led and managed

95% 2% 2%

I would recommend this school to a friend

95% 3% 2%


Overall, I would describe the support my child receives in school as:


Excellent    70        Good            30    Satisfactory             0        Poor           0



Comments :


  • Love this school!
  • Very happy with this school. My daughter really seems to be thriving.
  • Very impressed with my daughter’s progress already and staff have been very supportive and informative. Thank you.
  • My child has had a fantastic start to Year 4.
  • Great school, friendly environment. As parent I feel confident letting my son go to Pixmore. Wonderful teacher, fantastic head who always makes time if I need to talk about something concerning school. Well done Pixmore!
  • I’ve always loved Pixmore and both my children have been very happy here. Thank you!
  • Fantastic school – my son has settled really well.
  • We have always been really happy with our daughter’s progress.
  • Our daughter has had a really good start this year – very happy with her teacher.
  • Very happy with the school. Our girls both love coming and are making great progress.
  • I am happy with my son’s progress so far – thank you for all the support.
  • We are very happy with Pixmore and the support that our sons has received this year.
  • My child has had a difficult start to the year due to her own anxieties and issues, but the staff have been very helpful and understanding with her and have helped her well.