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Pixmore Junior School - Blogs

Blogs from the School Office, Mrs Evans and Year 3 to 6.

School Office

Please assist our school office by ensuring that any replies and payments for trips and return of signed data sheets with amendments as required are returned to the school office by the deadlines.

We know parents forget and we do try to remind you as often as we can! The office is reporting too much time is spent chasing these.


Please make payments for school meals on time to ensure that your child continues to receive a meal at school, the school will only allow a debt of two meals (£4.80). If payment is not made you, will be asked to provide a packed lunch for your child until the debt is cleared.


When sending in any monies please mark envelope with your child’s name and what it is for, cheques payable to Pixmore Junior School for trips, music payments etc. School meals payable to: Herts Catering Ltd. Payments can also be made via your ParentMail account.


Supporting the school office in this way will assist in the smooth running of the school and the office staff will not then need to spend their valuable time chasing documents and replies.

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