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Sun Safe

The lovely Easter weather made me think that this is a good opportunity to remind parents of our Sun Safe policy and procedures. At school, we reduce the lunch time so the last 15 minutes are ‘Cool Down time’. All children are required to sit in the shaded areas of the field and use this time to go to the toilet, fill up water bottles and ‘cool down’ before the afternoon sessions. Our shade sail is currently being replaced, after recent storm damage but hopefully should be back for after half term. Many of our PE lessons are in the afternoon, so in the heat, teacher’s will plan to have frequent ‘cool down’ breaks, all children can access water and shade or in some instances alternative activities (but this is left to the teacher’s discretion, once the outside temperature and UV levels are determined). It would help your child in school if you could ensure you have applied sunscreen (at least SPF30+) before they come to school but also to keep in school a named bottle of sunscreen that they can re-apply if necessary, a named wide brimmed hat and a named re-usable water bottle. It is recommended that sunscreen is applied before school but that it may need to be reapplied during the day as children are often outside during peak UV times.

Ofsted report June 2019 - GOOD