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Year 4 went to L’Artista in Letchworth to make their own pizzas. They were shown how to make the dough, put the topping on and cook it and were astounded by the chef’s skills when spinning and tossing the base! The restaurant provided each child with a pizza base and a huge variety of toppings including: cheese, tomato, pepperoni, ham, pineapple, peppers, olives, mushrooms and sweetcorn. Once they had finished creating their delicious pizzas, some with patterns, some were smiley faces and others were piled almost to the rooftops with tonnes of toppings! The staff at L’Artista cooked and served the pizzas to the children and were incredibly helpful and accommodating, they even gave the a choice of ice cream flavours for pudding and some drinks! When asked about their pizza making experience one child said: “I learnt that you have to be very talented to make pizza!” Another child echoed the thoughts of the year group by saying: “It was yummy!”