Parent Forum

The Pixmore Parent and Carer Forum was set up to give parents and carers the opportunity to meet regularly to discuss a range of issues relating to their child’s education and well-being, and to get to know each other. Tea, coffee and cakes are provided and a small range of toys, colouring sheets and pens are available for those with small children.


The forum, which meets every half term, provides parents and carers with the opportunity to have a say in what is happening in school and to be part of the decision-making processes which support the drive for improvements at Pixmore; we value your contribution and your views are taken seriously. Your views have informed decisions concerning homework, fundraising events, road safety, special educational needs and curriculum changes.


The meetings are run by Sue Willans, our SENCo, Anne Marie Kennedy, our Family Support Worker and Caroline Nicholson, our SEN Governor; other members of staff may also contribute depending upon the topic of discussion. We also invite speakers from other agencies to talk about topics of interest. The first meeting of this academic year was held on Tuesday 17th September 2019 from 9:15-10:15. The forum was well-attended and the discussion lively and productive. Thank you to those parents and carers who attended and gave some honest and informative views based on their own experiences regarding how we report to parents, homework and toilet gender assignment. We value your contribution and are pro-active in responding to issues raised. Minutes from this meeting can be found below, or you can ask for a paper copy at the school office if you would like one.



If you have an issue you would like to discuss, please email and we will try to include it, even if you are unable to attend yourself. Please remember that any personal issues relating to your child should be raised with class teachers or Mrs. Evans in the first instance as we respect your privacy and the forum is aimed at more general discussions.


Newsletters from the previous Parent Forums are available for you to read below. Please check our website and newsletters for the dates of future forum meetings.


Please join us at the next Parent Forum on Wednesday 29th September at 10am (Virtual). Complimentary hot or cold drink for all who attend. We will be asking for your views on how we can make the forum more accessible to parents and will be taking ideas on how to promote healthy lunch boxes, how to create a balance on the use of computer games at home and home/school diaries as a method of communication between home and school.


Please email if you have any other matters you would like included for discussion