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A day in the life at Rosia School

Ohbot launch

Loads of children in schools entered a competition to see a robot get launched into space. The robot is called Peeky. Someone called Dan made up the ohbot and it was his first time actually launching it. A girl called Amelie won the competition at Rosia school. Her school is Pixmore Junior School. Some people had to blow up a big balloon and then put a small tiny basket for the ohbot to sit on,then up in the air he went. He went 4526m high and has now landed. Pixmore Junior School is going to keep Peeky. The information I am telling you has all been on BBC News and has been put on Youtube. Pixmore Junior School was really excited that they heard this news all thanks to Amelie. He can talk and you can track him when he’s in the air but obviously you can’t track him because he’s already landed. They’ve been getting Emails sent from the ohbot man Dan to Year 5 teachers Miss Rolfe and Miss Pocock.                         

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