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A day in the life of year 5

                           Ohbot launch

A few months ago our school got the privilege to launch a robot into space {it went high}it could of gone up to 10,000 metres up that’s really high taller than, the Eiffel tower WOW! It went to near space a fact about space,: The earth from approximately 30,000 metres{100,000metres}above the Oregon of united states near space is the region of the earths. atmosphere that lies between 20 and 100km {65,000 and 328,000 feet}above sea level, encompassing the stratosphere, mesosphere and the lower thermosphere. We watched them let it go and then in a few seconds it was high up but inside ohbot was a, orange tracker which tracks where he is and straight after a couple of interviews we was finally back inside and tracking it from a series of computers hooked up to a projecter so we could see.   

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