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Year 5 Friction:

                   Cars on the road:

Today we are going to talk about friction. Friction means a force on an object causing it to slow down on whatever material. For instance, when you are on the floor with your socks on, if you slide then friction shall be formed but without socks there will not be any friction. Different materials are based on friction, like carpet causes more friction than smooth wood. If you roll a marble on the smooth wood it is more likely to roll smoothly and no friction will be created. In our lesson, we investigated friction. We used rough wood, smooth wood, sand paper, smooth carpet, rough carpet and bumpy carpet for our materials. We tested each of those materials with our car that was used instead of marbles. To find the accurate speed, we used a data logger. The inspiration was created from the whole class as they wondered more about friction. This was very helpful to lots of students and friction helps us to realize many more differences of the amount of speed caused on roads, carpet, indoor play areas, outside on the slippery pavement, smooth hills and bumpy hills.                            

We hope you found this piece of information helpful. We thank you for reading. Please do investigate!">

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