Pixmore Junior School Homework Guidelines

The following is a summary of the homework expectations for children at Pixmore School. Additional information can be obtained by looking at our Home Learning Policy on the school website.



Daily reading will be done as part of the home learning. We consider the following time allocations to be appropriate.


Years3/4         10 mins daily reading tosomeone

Year5/6          20 mins daily reading (to someone/independently asappropriate)


  • Each week the children will be set a English and a Maths task to support current or future class work. Some home learning tasks in English may be focussed on ‘speaking and listening’ (talk home-learning) and these will involve talking with your child about a particularly topic or aspect which will feed into their writing.


  • We ask that parent support the learning of multiplication tables and vocabulary at home to consolidate a child’s learning.


  • Our current practice is that we are sending spelling lists home but have a set of ‘Zero Tolerance’ words that children need to spell correctly in all their writing and these can be used at home with any writing tasks. These are available on the school website and are separated into word lists for Year 3/4 and 5/6.


  • Additional tasks to support learning in other subjects will be set as appropriate. This may be an optional holiday project across the whole school, the results of which will be celebrated on the children’s return to school. The homework may link to a geography and history focus (e.g. in Year 3 the children complete a project on the Vikings and in Year 6 they complete a project on Rivers).

Parents and children have home access to an Internet support software called Espresso.  Teachers will be able to sign post homework activities on here and also it can be used as a filtered resource for knowledge/topic based activities.  Please speak to your child’s class teacher if you are experiencing any difficulties accessing the site.

Time allocation andorganisation

We consider the following overall time allocations for home-learning to be appropriate.


Years 3/4 1.5 hours per week

Years 5/6 3.5 hours per week


Year 5/6 expectations:

  • 30 minutes of Maths per week
  • 30 minutes of Topic/literacy perweek
  • 10 minutes spelling eachevening
  • 20 minutes reading eachevening

(Sometimes with an adult and sometimes independently)

Across the school home- learning tasks will be issued on a Thursday and need to be returned the following Wednesday.  This provides consistency and continuity across the whole school.

  • A topic sheet will be given out at the start of each half term and uploaded on to the website.
  • In addition, other resources such as pdf of graph paper and lined paper will be put on the website to assist with homework (see links below).

The school provides homework club during two lunchtimes a week to support children with the completion of their homework.

  • Tuesday lunchtime – Year 3 and 4
  • Wednesday lunchtime – Years 5 and 6

The clubs are run by Mrs. Willans

If you have any concerns about your child’s homework, please speak to their class teacher who will be happy to discuss them with you.

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