How are we doing? – What our pupils think

School Council  – Pixmore Acrostic Poems

Focus: Life and Learning at Pixmore

Task: Your task is to write an acrostic type poem about life and learning at Pixmore School. You can then share these with your classes and ask them to write one too. We will display the completed poems around the school.

What words and phrases come to mind when you think about your experiences at Pixmore School?

We love Pixmore

Persevering is the key to learning

Independence is spread around the school

Extra clubs to satisfy us

Making us happy

Original ideas are put into our work

Representing our school

Everyone is special



Perfect place to be, a fun school

Independent, well behaved children

Extraordinary lessons will blow your mind!

Mums and dads will not be missed because we are having so much fun!

Opportunities are endless

Reaching for the stars

Excellent, fun teachers who always help the best they can.

What is Pixmore?

Pixmore is cool

Identifying new words and ideas

Extra fun is always had

Manners are important

Extraordinary learning place

Real learning

The school is run by Mrs Evans, whose teaching is great

Life at Pixmore

Pixmore’s fun and nice

Identify school ideas

Excellent behaviour

Moving to a fun day

Ordinary learning place is fun with PLP

Reading, writing, maths are important

Extreme learning experiences